Finally - an easy way tocapture
andprofitfrom longtail trafficat scale

Use Longtail UX's AI-powered platform to target, rank for, and drive revenue from the thousands of longtail keywords your competitors are blind to.

Roll out Google-friendly landing pages at scale, eliminate keyword research drudgery, and set up thousands of SEM ads... automatically.

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“Longtail UX delivered strong results with increasedorganic traffic (+230%)andrevenue (+152%)since implementation.

The key to this success has been the performance of non-branded terms [where] we weren’t necessarily competitive previously.”

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— Roy RipepiDigital Marketing Manager

“Longtail UX delivered strong traffic and lead growth from Organic Search from day one. It now accounts for more than 30% of total lead volume and is by far our most profitable channel.

Longtail UX for SEM has greatly increased the efficiency of our AdWords campaigns, boosting Conversion rates while reducing campaign management cost.”

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— Andrea RiddellDigital Marketing Manager

“We are extremely happy with the results that we got by working with Longtail UX in our marketplace in Mexico.

The results are great because of the impressive teamwork and coordination between the local team in Mexico and the Longtail UX team, which has been proactive and very responsive with our requests. Definitely recommend their services!”

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— Paloma González MartínezChief Data Officer

“The Longtail UX team has made the on-boarding process extremely easy and the platform has started to deliver results within days.

Longtail UX now delivers more than 65% additional organic traffic from users searching for our service in their specific location.”

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— Michael RosenbaumCEO & Founder

Introducing LongtailUX

The missing piece of your search marketing stack.

Thousands of keywords


a page for every keyword

Put your longtail keyword research on AI-powered autopilot

Whether it’s electronics or beauty products, articles or office space, if you’ve got hundreds — or thousands — of items, Longtail UX can generate thousands of relevant keyword combinations with matching landing pages that pass every Google sniff test. Forget juggling gigantic keyword lists, let our patented algorithms do the work.

Get integrated, Google-friendly
landing pages at scale

Longtail UX’s automated landing pages are fully integrated with your site. They appear on your domain, exactly match your look & feel, and perfectly complement your existing search strategy. Plus, we only target keywords where you aren’t already ranking. Searchers get hyper-relevant pages, you get growing longtail revenue without weeks or months of manual work.

Your current page

Created by
Longtail UX

Track new revenue


Prove the value of your longtail SEO & SEM Strategy

Everyone talks about ROI – we can prove it. Your Longtail UX dashboard shows you every keyword, every landing page, and the exact revenue and conversion uplift you’ve gained. It’s 100% transparent and can be tracked in your own analytics tool. And because you can measure revenue on a keyword by keyword basis, it’s finally possible to prove search ROI.

The best kept secret in search

Get an advantage so overwhelming, it's almost unfair

The old, manual way

  • Painful keyword research managing thousands of keyword combinations.

  • IT nightmares trying to build a dynamic, scalable landing page in-house.

  • No ongoing optimization due to tight marketing resources, pages go stale.

  • Searchers only see one product per page, bounce more, and buy less.

  • The longtail opportunity goes begging.

The new, Longtail UX way

  • All relevant longtail keywords automatically identified.

  • Thousands of Google-friendly, exact-match landing pages rolled out effortlessly.

  • Landing pages optimized over time to maximize relevance and revenue.

  • Searchers see relevant choices and convert more often.

  • You tap a source of 100% new search revenue

Longtail UX for SEO

Longtail UX for SEO

  • Effortlessly scale your SEO

  • No cannibalization

  • 100% Google-friendly

  • Measure ROI by keyword

Longtail UX for SEM

Longtail UX for SEM

  • Rapidly scale SEM campaigns

  • Automatic campaign creation

  • Pages for every keyword

  • Lower CPCs & higher ROAS

Founded by an ex-Googler

And supported by a team of search professionals

Founded by an ex-Googler

Longtail UX is more than a platform. We're a team of professionals who know SEO & SEM inside-out.

We know what companies like yours need — safe, additional search revenue by working with Google, and a partner you can trust.

We know what Google wants — Andreas, our co-founder, worked product-side at Google on AdWords and alongside search engineers.

That’s why we take care of just about everything for you — from initial keyword research to ongoing optimisation — while our algorithms do the rest.

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