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Launch thousands of Smart Pages in less than 60 days with zero site disruption. Once integrated, launch new pages and update existing pages instantly.

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Ready-to-buy users search for specific products.

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LUX Smart Pages reinvent how you connect your products to consumer demand.

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You delight new customers with your products and own the lifetime value of the relationship.

APAC 2022 Winner

Best user of search – retail / ecommerce

Winner: Myer, Full Measure Digital & Longtail UX – Creating 30,000 Experiences

Longtail UX eCommerce Automation solutions

Longtail UX technology creates LUX Smart Pages on your website that exactly match your site design, look and feel. We adapt your content to the individual user intent, creating the perfect customer experience for first-time visitors.

Our solutions

LUX Organic

Capture the longtail of demand in organic search by delivering hyper-relevant exact keyword match pages that are rewarded by search engines.

LUX Shopping

Is the only solution that provides customised multi-product landing pages for Google Shopping ads.

LUX Paid

Delivers thousands of optimised landing pages to exact match your campaigns.

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Updated multiple times a day.

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Updated automatically.

Why clients love us

“We started working with Longtail UX with the goal to attract more new customers to our site and significantly increase revenue through our online channel. Since launching in November 2020, LUX has become a valuable asset to our online marketing strategy. Their dedicated teams are transparent, highly communicative and laser-focused on achieving our particular goals. Within a month from launch, we saw incredible results, which is a testament to their hard work and ability.”
Jadon Stewart
SEO Strategy Lead
“Longtail UX delivered strong results with increased organic traffic (+230%)and revenue (+152%)since implementation. The key to this success has been the performance of non-branded terms [where] we weren’t necessarily competitive previously.”
Roy Ripepi
Digital Marketing Manager
“Customers are going to expect a shopping experience that is highly personalised, that gives them all the information they need, and that’s super-convenient.”
Kate Morris
“We are extremely happy with the results that we got by working with Longtail UX in our marketplace in Mexico. The results are great because of the impressive teamwork and coordination between the local team in Mexico and the Longtail UX team, which has been proactive and very responsive with our requests. Definitely recommend their services!”
Paloma González Martínez
Chief Data Officer
“F***ing great!”
Mariano Favia
Head of Marketing