May 13, 2019

30 Days In Search: SEO & SEM News (Recap of April 2019)

Every month, our friends at Kubix put together a roundup of news and updates from the SEO and SEM world. The April update includes new features in Google My Business; new reports and Android app filters in Google Search Console; and an update on the new version of Ahrefs’ content explorer.

New Content Explorer In Ahrefs: Version 2.0

April 4, 2019

Ahrefs’ content explorer is a tool to find great performing content that could help you on your quest for inspiration and research. The tool was first released in 2014 and this month, a completely new version of Ahrefs’ content explorer was launched: Ahrefs Content Explorer 2.0.

Rather than updating its existing tool, Ahrefs rebuilt its content explorer from the bottom up, herewith including the latest technologies plus adding 5 new features. The newest additions include (1) searching for 404 & other broken pages, (2) the possibility to see published and unpublished dates of an article, (3) viewing content trends that happened over time including brand mentions, publishing frequency and outreach topics, (4) more insights and metrics such as a referring domains chart and traffic chart, and (5) new filters; by website and author, and a date filter.

Google Search Console Adds Android App Filters

April 8, 2019

Good news for businesses with Android apps: when your app is associated with your website, you can now see data about your app’s performance in Google Search Console; data such as your app’s impressions and clicks, CTR, and positions. To find the Android app filter, tick on the newly added ‘search appearance’ tab in the metrics column, and click there on ‘Android app’.

New ‘Discover Report’ In Google Search Console

April 10, 2019

First things first: Google Discover is a “scrollable list of topics that users can browse on their mobile devices” and that keeps them informed and inspired about interests, hobbies, and topics that they care about, that they follow, or have interacted with before; without even searching for it. Google Discover is available on the Google Chrome app. Now when your website often shows up in Google Discover, the ‘discover’ reporting feature will show up on your Google Search Console, where you can find out how searchers found your website. Besides that, you’ll see how often your site was shown, traffic you’ve received, which pieces of content are performing well in Discover, and how it performs compared to the traditional search results.


Google My Business Adds 3 New Features

April 5, 2019

The first new update that Google My Business added this month is the product catalog for desktop. Although you were able to add products to your GMB listing already since October 2018, they would only appear on mobile devices. Right now, your product catalog will also be showing up on GMB when searching from a computer.


April 17, 2019

Google is rolling out a new feature to let businesses create short names and URLs – though this feature has yet to be announced by Google itself. What this does, is that it’s making your GMB profile more accessible when people are searching for you. The short URL typically looks like this:[yourbusinessname] – and when someone writes this in the search bar, or clicks on such link, your GMB profile will show up where they can easily access information such as your opening hours, directions and address, leave reviews, and so on.

Note: although this feature is accessible to anyone that has a GMB listing, it hasn’t been widely released yet – eg. we aren’t able to create a short name or short URL for our clients till now. In order to set it up, go to your GMB account where you click the ‘info’ tab, and there you should see an ‘add profile short name’ section.


April 19, 2019

And the latest feature that Google announced to be added to GMB, is that your client reviews now have the possibility to turn into GMB posts. For reviews with a score between 4 to 5 stars, Google will (automatically) create posts for you that includes the review score and a testimonial statement, and suggests you to add these as a post to your Google My Business profile.

Google My Business posts are already proven to be valuable in terms of improving the visibility of your local listing by highlighting events, deals and so forth – but now became even more precious as you can showcase your outstanding reviews to your potential customers. Note that this feature is not available in all countries.

Source: Kubix Digital Blog


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