September 25, 2019

30 Days In Search: SEO & SEM News

August was quiet. Google didn’t launch too many new features or updates. There weren’t many events and conferences taking place. The tools kept their cools. With not much going on, this recap will be a ‘quickie’. We’ll run you over the last 30 Days In Search in less than 5 minutes. Ready, set. Go!

New Feature On Google Ads: Account Map

August 6, 2019

With the new account map, you can quickly visualize and understand how your account is structured. This makes the new Google ads feature especially useful when you have a manager account containing multiple sub-accounts. Within this structured overview, you can right away see the clicks, impressions, conversions and the costs per each account, as well as which accounts share external managers, account-level labels, conversion actions, and remarketing lists.

You can find your account map in your Google Ads account by clicking the “tools and settings” menu, and you will find it under the ‘setup’ section.

Google Updated Testing Tools With Googlebot Evergreen Rendering

August 7, 2019

The evergreen Googlebot is a “crawler that visits web pages to include them within Google Search index”, and as of August, most of Google’s testing tools are updated to support this evergreen Chromium renderer. The testing tools (including Search Console’s URL inspection tool, the mobile-friendly test, rich results test, and the AMP test) are now able to better run JavaScript and render pages. Whereas in the past the testing tools were rendering pages using Chrome 41, it now uses the latest versions of Google Chrome (Chrome 76) to render and continues to update whenever a new version of Chrome is released.

Directly Play Podcast Episodes In Google Search Results

August 8, 2019

In the news-recap of May, we already announced that Google is indexing podcasts in their search results; but it would only show up when you search for a specific podcast channel. Now when you are searching for a podcast on a certain topic on Google (such as ‘app campaign podcast’), individual playable episodes will appear on the search results in a swipeable format, along with the organic search results.

individual podcast playable in google search results

‘Average Position’ Metric Will Be Removed From Google Ads

August 12, 2019

Google announced that it is going to remove the ‘average position’ metric from Google Ads at the end of next month; the week of September 30th. The average position metric helped to understand where our ads are positioned on Google, on average. With the removal of the metric, Google recommends you to switch to two new metrics that tell you more about the location of your ad in the search results; (1) search top impression rate [Impr. (Top) %], and (2) search absolute top impression rate [Impr. (Abs. Top) %].

The search top impression rate shows a percentage of your ad impressions that are shown above the organic search results. The search absolute top impression rate shows the percentage of your ad impressions as the very first ad above the organic search results.

google ads removes average position metric

As a result of this change, saved column sets including the average position metric, saved reports and scorecards, will also no longer contain the metric.

Standard Delivery For Search and Shopping Campaigns; Accelerated Delivery No Longer Available

August 19, 2019

Ad delivery says something about how long your daily budget lasts within a day. There are two ad delivery methods you can choose from; standard (spending budget throughout the day) or accelerated (spending the budget more rapidly).

Starting October 1st, accelerated delivery will no longer be available for search campaigns and shopping campaigns. As for the reason why, Google states: “it isn’t effective for campaigns that aren’t limited by budget. And for campaigns that are limited by budget, this method can increase CPCs due to increased competition early in the day, or unintentionally spend most of your budget in earlier time zones.” Standard delivery, instead, “takes into account expected ad performance throughout the day and is better at maximizing performance within your daily budget.”

Campaigns that are currently using accelerated delivery, will be automatically switched to the standard delivery method on the first of October.

Editor’s Choice: #AskGoogleWebmasters Series

August, 2019

Google recently started with a new Q&A video series called Ask Google Webmasters, hosted by John Mueller; a webmaster trends analyst at Google. Anyone who has a Google search-related question can ask it to John by using the hashtag #AskGoogleWebmasters on twitter, and their question might as well be answered in a video. These videos can be found on Google’s YouTube channel.

Source: Kubix Digital Blog

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