April 20, 2017

Beware of the Omnichannel

As a concept, Omnichannel makes perfect sense: you create a great, seamless customer experience no matter the channel they come from or how they switch between channels – online and offline. You track performance and manage marketing budgets equally seamlessly across channels.

It is a slippery slope, however, when it becomes a purpose in itself, diverting your focus from nailing the individual channels. “We don’t look at ROI from individual channels, we do Omnichannel”. “We cannot do X in channel Y, we first have to get our Omnichannel strategy right. We expect this to happen in quarter Z”. (See topic above…)

Australia was the Ominchannel retail champion in 2015 particularly in Consumer Electronics. Surely there will be no problems with Amazon landing soon… Oh, wait!

Rather than thinking Omnichannel, change perspective. Think User Experience and Performance Tracking for every single channel that matters for your business. Once you’ve nailed every single channel, you almost don’t have to worry about “Omnichannel” anymore.

Fun fact: 77% of shop visitors use their mobile phone in-store – 57% of these people don’t use it for shopping... For the remaining 43% of your store visitors: Give them branded tablets? Block internet access in-store? Or make sure you’re appearing for all the relevant search terms and on review websites?

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