Programmatic SEO: How to build 20,000 pages for long tail search terms at scale

What is programmatic SEO for online businesses? The goal of programmatic SEO is to create pages at scale with the same level of detail and attention to UX as the ones you built manually. If done correctly, it will improve the visibility and ranking of an eCommerce website in search engine results for high-intent search […]

Artificial intelligence in eCommerce: what does the future hold?

Artificial intelligence in eCommerce

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made a significant impact on the world of ecommerce, and its role is only set to grow in the coming years. As more and more businesses turn to the internet as a means of selling their products and services, the use of AI in ecommerce will become increasingly important in […]

How to avoid keyword cannibalisation for enterprise eCommerce

Avoid keyword cannibalisation

What is keyword cannibalisation in eCommerce? In the context of eCommerce, keyword cannibalisation refers to a situation in which multiple pages or products on a website compete for the same search terms, resulting in confusion for search engines and a diluted presence in search results. This can occur when there are multiple pages (sometimes thousands) […]

Sustainable eCommerce: How to capture growing consumer demand for sustainability

Sustainable eCommerce

New research from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) shows a 71% increase in searches for sustainable goods over the last five years, especially during the pandemic and primarily in western countries. This movement toward environmental awareness has created new opportunities for online retail to enter new categories within the sustainability movement, particularly in the cosmetic, […]

How to combat growing customer acquisition costs in 2023

Customer acquisition costs

A new study conducted by shopping experience platform SimplicityDX has found that the cost to acquire new customers has risen by 220% since 2013, with sellers losing 29 USD for every customer acquired, as opposed to 9 USD.  Further research reveals customer acquisition costs have jumped by 60% in the last five years alone. Targeting […]

Voice search: where does the future lie for online businesses?

Voice search in eCommerce

It’s 2022, and voice search has developed far beyond a simple gimmick to a legitimate form of search and online shopping.  “Hey, Google. Search 15-inch MacBook pro 512 gigabytes.”  “Alexa. Show me the best Christmas gift ideas for mums.”  “Hey, Siri. Buy stonewash grey boardshorts size 32.”   These are just some ways users search for […]

5 tips for creating a Christmas keywords strategy in 2022


It’s the busiest time of year. Most enterprise eCommerce businesses will tell you, it’s the most important. The festive season is the Superbowl of eCommerce. Neglecting your organic SEO strategy in the lead-up to Christmas is like failing to train for the Superbowl. In the US alone, online sales in the two-month lead-up to Christmas equated […]

How will Google’s helpful content update affect enterprise eCommerce?

helpful content update eCommerce

Google has said that the helpful content update will especially improve results related to online shopping. So what do enterprise eCommerce marketers need to know now to avoid dips in performance? You’ve probably heard already; Google has finished rolling out the helpful content update. So what’s changed? Do eCommerce marketers need to call an emergency meeting […]

eCommerce marketplaces: the online selling utopia of eCommerce?


In an attempt to scale, more and more online sellers are launching eCommerce marketplaces.  But is this the future of online selling, or a flawed ideal to be approached with caution? Busy, busy? Here’s the TL;DR There are three main types of global marketplaces–B2B, B2C, P2P Online eCommerce marketplaces are a quick way to scale […]

Ah Houston, how long does it take to rank on Google?


The benchmark timeline for Google rankings and what the Apollo 11 can teach you about getting to the top spot quicker Ever since Google started ranking pages, three questions have consumed the minds of SEO marketers: What factors affect Google rankings? How long does it take to rank on Google? Can you improve on the […]