Andreas Dzumla explains to e27 how measuring SEO changes business budgets


e27 recently turned to Longtail UX Co-Founder and CEO Andreas Dzumla to find out why SEO should be managed the same as paid search and what effect this has on c-suite budgets. 

In Andreas’ article, he discusses how marketers can now calculate ROI at the keyword level.

Andreas dives into how the ability to measure ROI on SEO not only gives legitimacy to the industry but how it allows companies to start looking at SEO as an opportunity to generate ROI – rather than as an area that is often allocated the smallest budget companies can get away with.

Andreas Dzumla: How measuring SEO can change business budgeting 

With improved clarity, c-suite business strategists have the means to budget SEO into the marketing make-up effectively. 

The single biggest problem for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has always been its inability to measure the return on investment (ROI). This is a problem that causes headaches at the highest level when it comes to budgeting.

There’s a universal understanding that having an SEO strategy is hugely beneficial, but there’s no way of putting a figure and budgeting for the investment. 

With a lack of clear measurements for SEO, there have been several metrics that have attempted to fill the void. 

Examples include visibility score, which shows how visible a domain is in the search engine results pages (SERPs); rank trackers that show the number of keywords a website ranks for on page one, and the many domain authority metrics that tried to fill the void when Google stopped publicly sharing PageRank.

Unfortunately, there’s often a clear disconnect between these metrics and the actual impact of the SEO investment. 

The only right metrics that should be reported on to reflect SEO performance are: 

  • Rraffic volume
  • Revenue
  • Conversions against the SEO budget invested.

The danger becomes businesses treating misleading statistics as truth but missing the real impact of their investment.

Read the full article from Andreas Dzumla HERE.

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