How Bravissimo Increased Position 1 Rankings By 45% In Six Months



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Founded in 1995, Bravissimo is a leading supplier of lingerie, swimwear, nightwear, and clothing to over one million women worldwide.

They currently have 26 stores throughout the UK and one store in the US, with a growing list of 669 products available on their website.

Bravissimo’s primary focus is to make comfortable and beautiful styles more accessible to women, through their online and brick-and-mortar retail stores.


The challenge

There are a large number of competitors that share the same market as Bravissimo, with some big brands dominating the space and possessing much higher domain ratings. Ranking for key terms was a big challenge that the UK-based retailer wanted to overcome. 

Before engaging LUX, Bravissimo was driving significant traffic from specific long tail queries to category pages with a broad range of results and they were concerned about cannibalisation of the key terms they were ranking for.

Bravissimo prioritises building a strong brand and focuses on delivering a flawless user experience. It was imperative that our pages match their frequent changes to the header and footer.

Our solution

LUX identified longtail keywords to match specific queries for which the Bravissimo didn’t have available content.

Our Smart Pages provided additional traffic for broad non-ranking keywords, without cannibalising the traffic to their category pages.

LUX developed a scraping solution that automatically detects changes to the header and footer of Bravissimo’s native pages and matches our pages with those changes. The end result eliminated the concern of poor user experience due to mismatching page design.

The results

Upon implementing 1,274 LUX Smart Pages, Bravissimo saw an increase in revenue of £87,141, tripling the forecasted revenue in last non-direct click conversion value during the proof of concept. 

In the first six months of implementation, 45% of Smart Pages ranked on page 1 of Google SERPs, with 16% in position one. Bravissimo and LUX also saw an uplift of 65% in non-brand sessions and a 14% increase in non-brand revenue.

"Longtail UX have unlocked revenue from the long tail queries we always wanted (and thought we should be able to rank on!) but couldn’t capture without a major overhaul of our site structure. I’m really thrilled to have this extra revenue stream."