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How Adore Beauty Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost by 64% with Personalised Landing Pages

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Founded by self-proclaimed “beauty junkie” Kate Morris in 2000, Adore Beauty is one of the fastest-growing online cosmetics and beauty products retailers in the world, growing by 625% in the past four years to $100 million in annual revenue. Today, Adore Beauty proudly stocks over 260 forward-thinking beauty brands and lead the Australian online beauty market for providing a personalised and inclusive platform for women to seek out and buy their favourite beauty products.

The challenge

The Longtail UX optimisation team first collated these terms and worked with the Adore Beauty marketing team to select about 2,500 in all. The Longtail UX front end team then took over, building out the best landing page experience for conversion. Then, they built and launched the pages. Below are the landing page “before and after” snapshots which demonstrate a highly personalised search term; “best organic shampoo for oily hair.” In the past, customers would have been presented with a single product detail page that matched this search term:
Adore Beauty Product Page

Before, the page showed a single product landing page experience for the search term, “best organic shampoo for oily hair.” The “best” keyword triggers Longtail UX to rank the products by online review rating.

Our solution

However, studies show – and Longtail UX customer performance numbers confirm – that offering only one product on a landing page reduces the buy rate by an average of 48%. For a search like this, a customer expects to see many organic products for oily hair and only those that customers rate highest. So Longtail UX built these pages to rank products on their online review rating:

Adore Beauty Category Page

After, the page showed a multi-product landing page experience for the search term, “best organic shampoo for oily hair,” with variations by price, hair concern, hair texture, and hair curl type.

The results

Adore Beauty continues to win thousands of new lifelong customers each year with their more personalised multi-product landing pages from Longtail UX.

By presenting multiple matching options and pages full of items matching the shopper’s personalised needs, conversion rates increased significantly; shoppers became 98% more likely to buy on a Longtail UX page.

This increase in conversion rate also meant a reduction in customer acquisition costs of 64%. And, because shoppers are now willing to spend more when presented with a personalised shopping experience, Adore Beauty’s return on advertising spend is 169% higher. 

In the end, it’s all about caring for shoppers and giving them the experience they crave when they search for something special.