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Founded in 1922 as a livestock auctioneer in regional NSW, GraysOnline ( today is the largest industrial and commercial online auction business in Australasia. For buyers, they offer one of the widest ranges of quality business and consumer products online, from motor vehicles, manufacturing, construction and transport, to IT and consumer electronics, wine and fine jewellery.

Our solution

Longtail UX defined 50,000 relevant target keywords from the product listings and generated specific landing pages for each keyword. With the Longtail UX patented platform, GraysOnline was able to show the most relevant products and content to users for every search query. The platform generated landing pages for every target keyword and automatically integrated these new pages into the GraysOnline website.

The results

GraysOnline increased non-brand organic traffic by 230% and increased organic revenue by 152%. The Longtail UX platform-generated landing pages had lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates than existing pages. These pages achieved the highest new user % of any channel with an acquisition rate of more than 50%.

The challenge

Despite having a strong brand presence and 1M+ pages indexed on Google, GraysOnline had comparatively lower organic coverage on non-brand keywords. Given the size of their website, their diverse products range and the nature of an online auction-based business with dynamic inventory, it was difficult for them to target the wide range of relevant keyword combinations for their products in an effective manner within their existing website taxonomy.

“Longtail UX has been a great partner in delivering strong results with organic traffic (+230%) and revenue (+152%) since implementation back in March 2014. Key to this success has been the increased presence and performance from non-branded terms that we weren’t necessarily competitive in previously.”