How Kogan Grew New Customer Acquisition from Search by 105% with Personalised Landing Pages


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Kogan is one of the most innovative online retailers in the market today, servicing more than two million active customers and reaping $400 million in annual sales since its birth in 2006.

Kogan prides itself on providing a level of experience that caters to a demographic who aren’t afraid to shop around for the best products on the market. This dedication to customers who value choice means Kogan has to provide the best search experience in the industry. They turned to Longtail UX to help them provide the perfect experience for every search.

Kogan Category Landing Page

The challenge

Kogan competes across many highly technical and specialised needs in electronics and home goods, and their customers search according to those highly detailed specifications. Traditionally, eCommerce sites would offer one product on the landing page that matches the shopper’s search. This was not up to Kogan’s standards. They wanted landing pages comprised of multiple products that matched the customers’ exact needs at that exact moment.

Our solution

The Longtail UX team first found the top terms Kogan customers searched for that lacked a landing page with many buying options that met their need. Kogan’s marketing team chose 35,000 search terms, and Longtail UX created the pages and optimised them for a better user experience.

Below are the landing page “before and after” snapshots for the search, “mini displayport to hdmi female adaptor”:

Kogan HDMI Landing Page

Before implementing LUX Smart Pages, landing pages presented as the above; in this instance, a single product landing page experience for the search term, “mini displayport to hdmi female adaptor”.

The new landing pages returned multiple products matching the shopper’s search needs. This provides a better suited and personalised search journey, as seen below. 

Kogan Category Landing Page

After, a multi-product LUX Smart Page presented the user with an experience for the search term, “mini displayport to hdmi female adaptor” as displayed above, with variations by type, hertz, voltage, length, colour, and more.

The multi-product landing page also showed optimised UX improvements over time from the cooperation between the Kogan marketing team and the Longtail UX frontend team.

The results

Kogan has won thousands of new lifelong customers with their new landing pages from Longtail UX. They earn more than $10 million per year in revenue from their customers’ first shopping experiences alone.

The ROI from Longtail UX is impressive, at 50x for first shopper purchases and much more with repeat buying factored in. This growth of new customer acquisition via personalised search is only increasing, with 105% year-on-year growth this year.