How Myer Boosted Online Revenue By $1.2M+ In 8 months


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With over 64,890 products on their online store and 60 stores Australia-wide, Myer is one of Australia’s largest department store chains.

Their extensive product offering includes women’s, men’s and children’s apparel, footwear and accessories, cosmetics, homewares, electricals and more.

As a result of COVID-19 and the subsequent rise in online shopping during 2020, Myer shifted its focus to becoming a digital-led retailer supported by its vast store network.


The challenge

Myer’s brand is a household name with a very loyal customer base, both online and in its brick-and-mortar stores.

The vast majority of their online sales came from brand loyalists. So, their most significant challenge for their online store was driving non-brand traffic to their site, converting them to customers and growing their market share.

Our solution

LUX created a personalised Smart Page template and a ‘best’ keyword template variation so that when ‘best’ is included in a user’s search term, it triggers an alternate landing page on Myer’s site that prioritises top rated products at the top of the page. Our team integrated internal linking in category silos.

We vetted 357,146 search terms and built 41,618 highly relevant multi-product Smart Pages targeted towards longtail search terms to boost Myer’s ranking for organic search and increase revenue.



The results

In the first eight months from launch, Myer has achieved impressive growth in revenue of over $1,278,351 million. 

As a result of implementing over 40,000 LUX Smart Pages, the nationally recognised brand has increased its non-brand sessions by 35%, successfully acquiring thousands of new lifelong customers. They continue to welcome sustained growth through their digital channel.

"We started working with Longtail UX with the goal to attract more new customers to our site and significantly increase revenue through our online channel. Since launching in November 2020, LUX has become a valuable asset to our online marketing strategy. Their dedicated teams are transparent, highly communicative and laser-focused on achieving our particular goals. Within a month from launch, we saw incredible results, which is a testament to their hard work and ability."