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About Segundamano

With 11 million monthly active users, Segundamano is a leading online marketplace in Mexico that connects millions of buyers and sellers each month. With a wide range of categories, from consumer goods to cars and real estate, it helps sellers get paid fairly, while buyers save money by finding quality products at convenient prices. Segundamano is part of Norwegian listed marketplace group Adevinta.

The challenge

With tens of thousands of new listings every day, it is impossible to manage Google Ad campaigns manually and target all the relevant keyword combinations for the up-to-date inventory – while ensuring not to bid on keywords without inventory

To enable automatic bidding on the most relevant keywords for their up-to-date inventory, Segundamano created a product feed and connected it to Google Dynamic Search Ad (DSA) campaigns. However, similarly to Google Shopping ads for retail, DSA only had single-product landing pages to work with. So, when users clicked on an ad, they would only ever see one product related to their search – while there could be dozens more, equally relevant products on Segundamano.

LUX Paid automation: e.g. Real Estate ads in Mexico City

Our solution

We set up Segundamano on the Longtail UX landing page automation platform and imported their product feed, which is updated throughout the day. Our platform then began to create landing pages for all the relevant keywords for the inventory each day – automatically generating one ad group with hyper-relevant ad texts and matching keyword variations for every single new landing page. This means that every day, with every product feed update, thousands of ad groups are now created and updated. Segundamano is now able to target all the relevant keywords for their live inventory with hyper-targeted ads, showing the number of matching products and their lowest price, as well as exact-matching landing pages. Additionally, users are now able to see all the relevant products for every single keyword search within one click when clicking on a Google Ad.

The results

The results have been phenomenal. Segundamano doubled their ad conversion rate (+99%) with hyper-relevant landing pages. Hyper-targeted search ads achieved a 41% increase in click rate and generated 67% savings in CPA compared to the previously running Google DSA campaigns

What can Longtail UX do for your business?

If your e-commerce business is also looking to improve the ROAS of paid search, get in touch with us at and let us give your company the boost it needs to reach its full potential.

“We are extremely happy with the results that we got by working with Longtail UX in our marketplace in Mexico. The results are great because of the impressive teamwork and coordination between the local team in Mexico and the Longtail UX team, which has been proactive and very responsive with our requests. Definitely recommend their services!”