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Spacer is the premier marketplace for storage space in Australia and the US – “the Airbnb of storage space”. Founded in 2015, Spacer connects users looking for cost-effective storage solutions with owners that have unused space. Storage solutions can be found for boats, cars, caravans, furniture and household goods.

The challenge

Online marketplaces pose some unique challenges for SEO optimisation due to a number of factors, including user-generated content and self-categorisation of varying quality and the sheer volume of content to optimize. 

Spacer was also competing with established marketplaces like Gumtree and real estate listings aggregators for parking and storage search traffic. At the same time, Spacer was using a P2P marketplace website software which offered a state of the art user experience, but with limited flexibility for SEO purposes.

Our solution

Longtail UX developed an integration with, using the Longtail UX API’s, so Near-Me clients could use the full power of Longtail UX landing page management on one platform. Longtail UX then defined 1,000 target keywords for and generated landing pages for each keyword that automatically integrated into the Spacer website within the Near-Me platform.

The results

Within 7 months of implementation, Spacer achieved a 132% uplift in New Users from the Organic Search channel – and a 268% increase in organic traffic from non-brand keywords. Spacer’s Longtail landing pages cater for both supply and demand, and achieved a 39% higher conversion rates than the existing organic landing pages.

“The Longtail UX team has made the on-boarding process extremely easy and the platform has started to deliver results within days. Longtail UX now delivers more than 65% additional organic traffic from users searching for our service in their specific location.” Mike Rosenbaum – CEO, Spacer​