We’ve evaluated your site and identified massive potential to increase your conversion rate by 30-80%.

Multi-product landing pages perform far better than single-product landing pages


of shoppers spend more


of shoppers repeat buy


conversion rate uplift

Diminished return on ad spend

Millions of dollars in lost revenue

Less than ideal customer experience

Current Bluefly Google Shopping experience

Right now, you’re only showing one product on your landing page when you sell 25 that match the search term!

You’re paying for multiple clicks to show customers all of your products that match their search terms.

What are you getting for it?

Future Bluefly LUX Shopping experience

With LUX, you’ll pay for one click to show all 25 products on one page.

The LUX impact

Zero site interruption, perfectly on-brand

Accelerate revenue growth, save ad spend and increase conversions

More time on Customer Acquisition strategy, less in developer team queues

Get a demo to learn how to earn $10m in revenue

The best e-Commerce companies use Longtail UX

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