Office Depot

We’ve evaluated your site and identified massive growth potential in your Google Shopping campaigns.

Current Office Depot Google Shopping experience

Right now, you’re only showing one product on your landing page when you sell 10+ products that match the search term!

With this approach, you’ll have to pay for multiple clicks if you want customers to see all of your products that match the search term.

What are you getting for it?

Future Office Depot LUX Shopping experience

With LUX, you’ll pay for one click to show all multiple matching products on one page.

The LUX impact

Multi-product landing pages perform far better than single-product landing pages


of shoppers spend more


of shoppers repeat buy


conversion rate uplift
Launch 100,000 hyper-relevant multi-product Smart Pages at scale for the long tail.

Get a demo to learn how to earn $10m in revenue

+$250m revenue generated (& growing) for our clients


conv. rate


revenue per click

Largest grocer in the Southern Hemisphere


conv. rate


revenue per click

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Why clients love us

“We started working with Longtail UX with the goal to attract more new customers to our site and significantly increase revenue through our online channel. Since launching in November 2020, LUX has become a valuable asset to our online marketing strategy. Their dedicated teams are transparent, highly communicative and laser-focused on achieving our particular goals. Within a month from launch, we saw incredible results, which is a testament to their hard work and ability.”
Jadon Stewart
SEO Strategy Lead
“It's been a great collaboration journey LUX, I appreciate the insights you've shared and look forward to innovating with you.”
Amber Hamilton
Platform Initiatives Manager at WooliesX
“Longtail UX delivered strong results with increased organic traffic (+230%)and revenue (+152%)since implementation. The key to this success has been the performance of non-branded terms [where] we weren’t necessarily competitive previously.”
Roy Ripepi
Digital Marketing Manager
“Longtail UX have unlocked revenue from the long tail queries we always wanted (and thought we should be able to rank on!) but couldn’t capture without a major overhaul of our site structure. I’m really thrilled to have this extra revenue stream.”
Anna Pember
Trading & Digital Marketing Manager
“The ability to work with our partners to achieve a mutual goal of improving the shopping process has been impeccable, and truly one of the most pleasant experiences I have had during a tech implementation process.”
Jane Houghton
eCommerce Marketing Manager

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