Imagine the ROI potential if your shopping ad landing pages show all of your great products like this.

Multi-product landing pages perform far better than single-product landing pages

0 %

of shoppers spend more

0 %

of shoppers buy more

30- 0 %

conversion rate uplift

Your Current Shopping Experience

You're showing one product when you sell multiple that match the search term.

QualityBath Google Shopping experience: One Page = One Product.

Right now, you’re only showing one product on your landing page when you sell multiple that match the search term!

You’re paying for multiple clicks to show customers all of your products that match their search terms.

Future QualityBath LUX Shopping experience

With LUX, you’ll pay for one click to show all multiple matching products on one page.

Smart Pages are hosted on LUX’s server and match the architecture and design elements of your native site.

More matching products added above and below the fold of your single-product Shopping Ad landing pages.

We create new landing pages served through your domain on your LUX template for a seamless user experience!

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