Case Studies

“Longtail UX has been a great partner in delivering strong results with organic traffic (+230%) and revenue (+152%) since implementation back in March 2014. Key to this success has been the increased presence and performance from non-branded terms that we weren’t necessarily competitive previously.”

Roy Ripepi – Digital Marketing Manager

“Longtail UX delivered strong traffic and lead growth from Organic Search from day one. It now accounts for more than 30% of total lead volume and is by far our most profitable channel. Longtail UX for SEM has greatly increased the efficiency of our AdWords campaigns, boosting Conversion rates while reducing campaign management cost.”

Andrea Riddell – Online Marketing Manager

“The Longtail UX team has made the on-boarding process extremely easy and the platform has started to deliver results within days. Longtail UX now delivers more than 65% additional organic traffic from users searching for our service in their specific location.”

Mike Rosenbaum – CEO

“Longtail UX organic traffic now contributes to 40% of our online revenue – and has strongly contributed to our 125% year on year increase in total revenues. It’s fair to say that Longtail UX has revolutionised our business.”

Molly Wiltshire-Bridle – Digital Marketing

“Longtail UX has never delivered less than 55% increase in SEO generic KW traffic & revenue — “

Ecommerce (SEO): +230% increase in generic keyword SEO traffic, +152% increase in SEO revenue

Marketplace (SEM): +25% conversion rates, -68% CPC for same ad position (!) – combined 74% reduction in CPA.

Directory (SEM): +30% Conversion rate, -15% Bounce rate, +10% Time on site

Directory (SEO): +800% in Lead volume from generic KW SEO. Website now Top10 in category in Aus.