LUX Customer Acquisition Platform

We are on a mission to reinvent how businesses connect people to products they will love.

Non-brand Organic Search,  Non-brand Paid Search and Shopping are the ONLY  new customer acquisition channels that are definitely in the market to buy. Longtail UX’s patented Customer Acquisition Platform brings customers who are looking for your products, but not your brand, to your website.

What can LUX do for you?

Thousands of optimised landing pages using a simple subscription price per page model and launched within weeks.

Types of LUX Smart Pages

The fastest way to grow your online revenue with fast, data-driven, on-page enhancements and a compelling, measurable ROI.

LUX Organic

More #1 organic search ranks with first-touch personalisation for new customer acquisition with to-the-dollar measurement

LUX Paid

Increased ROAS from paid search with exact matching landing pages for every keyword and user intent

LUX Shopping

More matching product exposure from Google Shopping, increasing conversion and basket size.

LUX Smart Links

Our LUX Organic pages are linked to your site via LUX Smart Links. The more pages that are linked, the better results will be.

LUX Optimisation

Our work never stops. Our team works toward
your goals

Measurable ROI

You can measure the return on investment of every single LUX Smart Page. The LUX Effect is 100% attributable and can be tracked in your own analytics. As a fully managed service, your Longtail UX dashboard shows you every LUX Smart Page as well as the exact traffic and conversion uplift that you’re generating from our platform. Our team of ROI specialists create a client success plan for you based on your market opportunity and your products and website content. Our client success team provides you with monthly insights and further growth opportunities.

Launch with zero site disruption

The LUX Customer Acquisition Platform plugs into your system to add a new acquisition channel & website capabilities now. Launch thousands of pages in weeks with no change in current user experience.

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