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The returns of paid advertising are decreasing and many businesses are exploring the possibilities of organic search.

Here is one of the opportunities we have found on your site

Approx. 9,400 searches per month

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Imagine the revenue potential when we launch LUX Smart Pages at scale!

Longtail UX is a customer acquisition platform that accelerates growth using the power of non-brand longtail search.

We are the first customer acquisition-focused e-commerce platform. Our solution empowers enterprise businesses to increase market share by converting new customers using unique insights and patented scalable technology.

Fast indexing

Display multiple exact match products on a single page

Fast ranking

Smart Pages typically rank 3x to 10x faster than pages built in-house

More traffic

High-ranking pages boost overall site traffic (usually 30%+)

Increased revenue

Increase customer acquisition, elevate brand exposure and refine overall UX

Specialised skills

We do the heavy lifting and consistent optimisations. No more internal engineering queues

Success Stories

Within three months of launching Smart Pages, Mitre 10 saw a significant impact on its organic traffic acquisition. It’s grown consistently since then.

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Not only does Longtail UX have the tools, but the people and support to help us use them – LUX’s people and their expertise are the key to our success in expanding our search marketing. It’s evident that they genuinely care about our results and work with us throughout to ensure we’re constantly optimising and improving.

Duncan Jones

Head of Marketing at Cluey Learning

As someone who has integrated with various partners, I can confidently say that LUX was one of the easiest. Their team seamlessly operated in the background, without causing any disruptions. The fact that their support was available in the same time zone made a huge difference, as my team could always get quick answers to any questions they had without requiring me to manage the communication. I highly recommend LUX for their exceptional support and project management.

Marty Pentony

Senior Product Manager at Woolworths

Our integration with LUX was one of the best progressive processes we’ve experienced with a partner.

Jane Houghton

Senior Ecommerce Manager at Beacon Lighting

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