How does Longtail UX for Organic Search work?

The Longtail UX patented technology analyses businesses’ product and services content, their existing website structures as well as the search behaviour of users searching for their products and services.

Our system then identifies where the business’ existing content is not sufficiently accessible to users, and discoverable for search engines. Longtail UX allows businesses to fill these gaps, enabling them to answer users’ search queries for their products and services with highly relevant product results pages – and integrates these new pages within the existing website structure.

Search engines can now find and index the relevant pages, allowing users to find exactly what they are looking for faster, with just one click. Businesses achieve incremental traffic, higher conversion rates and incremental revenue from users searching for their products.

How can ‘incremental traffic’ and ‘incremental revenue’ be measured?

Since all Longtail pages are integrated within the client’s website and structure, incremental traffic and revenue can be measured with client web analytics landing page reports.

How do you avoid counting internal traffic as ‘incremental traffic’?

Google Analytics, and other web analytics landing page reporting tools, can display external traffic sources (e.g. search engines, referral, direct) separately from internal traffic sources

What’s the benefit for Search Engines? Is this Search Engine compliant?

Search engines’ mission is to provide users with fast access to the most relevant content for their search queries.

Longtail UX supports this mission, by making content more accessible, specifically for users’ Longtail searches – providing users with 1-click access to the exact information they are looking for.

How does Longtail UX address Search Engines updates?

Search Engines constantly update their algorithms to provide a better search experience, by including more User Experience (UX) signals within their algorithms: signals such as low bounce rates, higher conversion rates, session duration, pages per session etc..

Longtail UX provides a platform to address the exact same UX metrics for our clients’ users.

Most importantly, as search engines update their algorithms to better serve their users, Longtail UX is an adaptive system allowing full flexibility with regards to a changing search landscape.

How do you integrate with our shopping cart and login?

During the client implementation, our developers can connect the Longtail UX pages to your shopping cart and user login.

How do you ensure a seamless user experience?

Longtail UX fully integrates with the client’s existing website and allows full flexibility for design changes, to ensure the user has a seamless experience.

Why should I pay for Organic Search traffic?

With Longtail UX, clients don’t “pay for organic traffic”. On the contrary, Longtail UX’s platform allows clients to decrease their website optimisation cost and to gain incremental revenue from Search, both Organic and Paid Search.

Maintaining and increasing Organic Search traffic and revenue in a highly competitive environment requires continued investment in On-page and Off-page optimisation.

While Longtail UX does not replace any ‘traditional’ SEO techniques and services, our system provides 100% measurable, incremental revenue from Organic Search – typically at the highest ROI – through improved User Experience (UX).

How does Longtail UX for Organic Search compare with Paid Search?

Longtail UX enables clients to target the same KW combinations in Organic Search as those that are already generating satisfied new customers, and company revenue, in SEM – at a lower cost and higher ROI

What happens if we stop using your service?

Longtail UX will ensure that each and every previously used Longtail page URL redirects to the most relevant client website page.

How does Longtail UX for Paid Search work?

Longtail UX for Paid Search creates individual Keyword-level landing pages that exactly match clients’ keywords targeted within their PPC campaign.

Longtail UX Keyword-level landing pages provide users with 1-click access to the products that exactly match their search query – significantly increasing Conversion Rates and decreasing businesses’ Cost-per-Acquisition in PPC.

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