July 15, 2019

30 Days In Search: SEO & SEM News (Recap of June 2019)

30 Days In Search: SEO & SEM News-Recap of June 2019

In the latest roundup of SEO and SEM news from Kubix, you’ll discover all the recent developments from the month of June. Google has had its latest core algorithm update, and debuted a new design for desktop; it also introduced campaign-level conversion tracking for search and display campaigns.

Google June 2019 Core Update

June 3, 2019

Every couple of months, Google launches a new broad core algorithm update to impact how the search results are ranked and listed on Google; to detect quality content, and to eliminate spammy results. With every core update, Google tries to better understand search queries and show more relevant search results to the user. With the core update in March 2019 being a significant one, the June update was a relatively small update.

One of the main changes with the June update is that Google now shows fewer results from the same domain name at the top of the SERPs. Before the update you might have come across 4 to 5 search results from the same domain name – right now, Google aims to show no more than two results of the same domain, stating: ‘A new change now launching in Google Search is designed to provide more site diversity in our results. This site diversity change means that you usually won’t see more than two listings from the same site in our top results.’ However, there are some exceptions – when the system determines that showing more results from the same domain is relevant to the query, it will do so (possibly the case for brand searches).

Campaign-Level Conversion Tracking Now Available

June 6, 2019

Last month during the Marketing Live event, Google announced that they will make it possible to set conversion actions at campaign-level for your search and display campaigns.

Up till now, your Google Ads conversion actions were applied to the entire account, showing all the different conversions that took place as one summed up number – as of June 6, you can choose which conversion actions you want to include in the conversions column at campaign level, making it easier for you ‘to analyze performance and optimize campaigns based on the most relevant conversion action types’ and to manage the bids per each campaign accordingly.

To do this, head over to your Google ads account and select the search or display campaign for which you want to set a specific conversion action. Click on ‘settings’, open the ‘additional settings’ and select ‘conversions’. In the conversion section, you can now choose to either (1) use the account-level ‘Include in Conversions’ settings, or (2) choose conversion actions for this campaign. Go for option 2 and select the right conversion action – that’s all!

You can even create entire conversion action sets: to do this, go to ‘tools’, click ‘conversions’, and there at the top press on the tab: ‘conversion action sets’ – here you can start creating and naming your conversion action sets.

Google Search Has A New Look

June 13, 2019

Google Search now has a new design for desktop, featuring icons in the navigation bar – icons that become colorful when selected. Rather than just showing text, the icons represent the categories in the navigation bar.

google search desktop has a new look

After launching a new look for the mobile SERPs last month, Google might have thought it was time to revamp its desktop version now, too. With this change however, no additional adjustments were made in terms of the way how Google ranks its search results; this change, was just a ‘cosmetic’ one.

Source: Kubix Digital Blog

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