Scale your SEM with automated landing pages for every single keyword

Longtail UX lets you safely target thousands of high-intent longtail keywords with automated, Google-friendly landing pages.

For sites with hundreds — or thousands — of items and significant search traffic, it's one of the easiest ROI-generating SEO investments you can make.

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Your content + Longtail UX = SEM at scale

Say goodbye to painstaking campaign creation & launch longtail campaigns in days, not weeks

  • We integrate your content

    Longtail UX uses your existing content, listings, or products. We happily integrate your Google Shopping feed, XML/JSON feed, or just about any data source.

  • Build out your SEM keywords

    Our AI-powered platform then findsthousands of longtail SEM keywords.Think every product + location + variant you can imagine.

  • Automate ads & landing pages

    Longtail UX generates a landing page, ad group, and ad text that exactly matches every relevant keyword combination your customers search for... dynamically, based on your day-to-day inventory.

  • Watch your SEM revenue grow

    Relevant pages mean Quality Score goes up & CPC comes down. Searchers get pages that exactly match their queries and convert more often. Your ROAS will have never looked better.


SEM case study: Segundamano

We see these results time and time again


An online marketplace with 11 million users andtens of thousands of new listingscreated every day… what happened when they switched to hyper-relevant longtail landing pages?

Segundamano were already running Dynamic Search Ad campaigns to target longtail keywords, buttheir ads only sent users to individual product pages.Users didn’t have a choice of relevant, related products. Then they switched to Longtail UX…

  • +111%

    Uplift in non-brand
    SEO sessions

  • +94%

    Uplift in phone views from
    non-brand SEO traffic

  • +90%

    Of page 1 ranking
    160,000 target keywords

Maximize your paid search ROI with Longtail UX

Show every matching product for every longtail search query

Lower CPC & higher ROAS

Google rewards relevance with improved Quality Score, lower CPC, and ultimately a higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

Superior user experience

Don't make customers dig, search, or filter through your products. Give them what they want in a single click.

Fully integrated

Longtail UX landing pages appear on your domain, exactly match your look & feel, and can be tracked with your analytics.

Launch 100,000+ pages

Generate landing pages no matter how many products, listings, and locations your users search for.

Inventory supported

We monitor your product feed so you only serve ads when you have the product inventory to support them.

Continously optimized

We cull poor-converting pages so your pages always provide the best UX for searchers, and the right signals to Google.