Optimize your Shopping Ads and delight Ecommerce visitors

Shopping Ads are easy to set up and tend to get ROI, but one fundamental issue makes them frustrate shoppers — and convert 48% worse than they could.
Introducing LUX Shopping – an unfair advantage in shopping experience for your website.


Shoppers prefer to see more than one matching product to their search.

Research suggests that multi-product landing pages convert 93% better in Search than Product Detail Pages, and customers who implemented Longtail UX have proven it.


Personalization delights shoppers

Shoppers who land from Search expect to see more options that can solve their problem — not just one. Research proves that shoppers reward brands that provide a personalized experience by spending 40% more — and repeat-buying 44% more often.

Top Ecommerce companies are catching on

Websites like BestBuy, Zappos and Nordstrom.com that obsess over customer experience already provide a multi product landing page experience from Shopping Ads for a reason: It works.

Proven results in Paid Search experience

Longtail UX customers across many verticals have proven that digital transformation in the Shopping Ad experience will be a make or break for brands.

Money-back Guarantee

Positive results when moving from a single to multi product page search experience have been universal, allowing us to offer a money-back guarantee.

LUX Paid search case study: AdoreBeauty

How a successful Ecommerce website with $100M in annual turnover increased their acquisition of new loyal shoppers with personalized search experience from Longtail UX


Before: single product page

After: multi product page

“Example shopping ad search term: “invisible lip liner”

(One of the 2,500+ LUX Paid search landing pages on AdoreBeauty.com.au)

The online beauty retail industry is extremely competitive, and the challenge is to acquire new customers who will stay loyal to your brand. AdoreBeauty used LUX for the competitive searches — which they previously were not able to not bid profitably on.


They used Longtail UX to create more than 2,500 landing pages personalized to these shopping

searches, each page featuring the products most closely matching the search. The result was a near doubling of conversion rate, and the excellent customer experience led to higher first time buyer average order value.


Find out how Longtail UX can improve the customer experience for your search shoppers