Your products deserve to be discovered.

Smart Pages require minimal set-up time from your developer team.

Once integrated, we help you keep those pages optimised with ease. No more pestering your tech team or waiting in months’ or years’ long priority queues.

Smart Pages are built for enterprise eCommerce, connecting people to products they love in one click.

Adore Beauty SEO

We create new landing pages served through your domain on your LUX template for a seamless user experience!

Smart Pages display multiple products on one page that match a long tail search term.

Smart Pages are hosted on LUX’s server and match the architecture and design elements of your native site.

Discover the ranking science behind LUX Organic

Google loves our LUX Smart Pages so much that they index and rank up to 10 times faster and draw in 40%+ more traffic.

Dynamic Smart Links knit Smart Pages and your native site together, improving the performance of your entire site.

Earn more from every click with LUX Shopping

Clients using LUX Shopping are seeing double-digit ROI and a conversion boost of up to 30% from their Google Shopping ads.

First time visitors to LUX Smart Pages are 2x more likely to come back and buy, and customer acquisition costs are reduced by up to 60%.

Start driving an additional 40% non-brand organic traffic today

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Matt Dove

Enterprise Sales Manager

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