Longtail UX is excited to appoint Joel Bloomer as our new CEO


Joel joined Longtail UX (LUX) as CFO in July 2020 and soon after became COO as well. In addition to keeping our finances in order, he has driven progress in our team development, product-market fit, go-to-market motions, pricing and more. With Joel’s strong background in strategy, and his passion for product, the LUX directors and team are looking forward to our next stage of growth under Joel’s leadership.

Andreas Dzumla, LUX Founder and current CEO, is excited to refocus his full time and energy on the product and has moved into the LUX Chief Product Officer and Executive Chairman roles. Andreas invented the LUX Customer Acquisition Platform, and his understanding of the sector and our technology are unmatched. We’re looking forward to continuing to differentiate our one-of-a-kind solutions for enterprise eCommerce businesses under Andreas’ product leadership.

From Joel: 

“I’m extremely thankful to Andreas for recommending me for this role. I can’t wait to help him and the rest of the fantastic LUX team succeed in our vision to reinvent how businesses connect people to products online.”


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