Our team

We are a growing and passionate team working together to achieve big things!

Our values

The values our team works by


We continuously strive to deliver more.


Transparency is at the core of everything we do.

Game changers:

We dare to challenge the status quo.


We embrace different perspectives to produce better results.

We care:

We care deeply about our people, product, customers and results.

Meet the team

We are a small, passionate team working together to achieve big things! We have a friendly, fun and supportive environment where everyone has the opportunity to contribute their skills and experience.

Will Santow


Troy Jendra

Tech Lead

Tom Quant

Front End Developer

Thijs Groen

Client Success Strategist

Shri Yalsangi

Team Lead

Rob Wall

Commercial Director

Ramya Badrinath

Delivery Lead

Pragya Bajracharya

Tech Lead

Paul Kelcey

VP of Engineering

Mouna Muthe

Client Success Strategist

Millie Davies

Content Manager

Michiko Sukiswan

Senior Designer

Love Shrestha

PHP Developer

Kelly Lai

Business Intelligence Analyst

Justine Ribeyre

Client Success Manager - Team Lead

Joel Bloomer

Chief Financial Officer & VP of Strategy

Gemma Latham Harris

Business Operations Coordinator

Diana Lai

Senior Finance Manager

David Campbell

Enterprise Account Manager

Clara Braunger

Marketing Manager

Come join us

It takes great people to do what we do.