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Longtail UX is a patented eCommerce SEO Automation Platform that seamlessly integrates with your client’s MarTech stack to automate the deployment of thousands of quality, relevant multi-product landing pages using existing content, expanding their website and eCommerce capabilities. Our platform drives growth, new customers, and revenue through organic search, dynamic search ads, and shopping ads.

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Advantages for agencies using the LUX Platform

Longtail UX (LUX) is a game-changing eCommerce SEO Automation Platform that optimises both organic growth and paid advertising ROI through non-brand longtail search. With our technology, your agency can launch thousands of hyper-relevant multi-product landing pages, called Smart Pages with a quick and easy setup for your clients. Our pages are 100% measurable, rank up to 10x faster, and typically increase non-brand traffic by at least 30%. Maximise your client growth by leveraging our technology.

  • Accelerate time to value
  • Highly measurable SEO results
  • Increase Search Engine Visibility (SEV) and Search Share of Voice (SoV)
  • Avoid lengthy internal development queues and constant deprioritisation versus other client initiatives
  • Implement new content based on data-driven insights without the need to access the client Content Management System (CMS) or eCom platform
  • Avoid conflict between SEO, UX, and Information Architecture
  • Avoid lengthy client review and approval processes and the need to justify every SEO change with complex business cases
  • Automate internal linking, dynamic multi-product landing pages, metadata and more
  • Strict control ensures that pages launched are brand-safe and follow brand guidelines
  • Deploy pages at scale with velocity

Partner Benefits

In addition to the myriad advantages offered through the LUX platform, partnering agencies will also enjoy:

  • Become part of our client referral network
  • 20% discount for partner clients
  • Co-marketing and events
  • Access sales enablement materials
  • Access our dedicated client success team to help you maximise performance from the platform
  • Involvement in our R&D and product development roadmap discovery sessions
  • Early access to new features and betas

Our Products

Smart Page Builder for Organic

Automates multi-product landing pages for enhanced SEO revenues, brand presence, and customer acquisition.

Smart Page Builder for Campaigns

Automates dynamic product group page creation, updating based on pricing and attribute rules for campaigns and promotions.

Features of the LUX eCommerce SEO Automation Platform

  • Create thousands of multi-product landing pages automatically at scale.
  • Connect to a client product feed to dynamically serve products across thousands of relevant multi-product landing pages.
  • Fine-tune the product listing search results with our intelligent search.
  • Set content controls to manage brand safety and values.

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