Andreas Dzumla Explains to e27 How Measuring SEO Changes Business Budgets

e27 recently turned to Longtail UX Co-Founder and CEO Andreas Dzumla to find out why SEO should be managed the same as paid search and what effect this has on c-suite budgets. In Andreas’ article, he discusses how marketers can now calculate ROI at the keyword level. Andreas dives into how the ability to measure […]

Australian SEO Startup Longtail UX Secures $2.5m In Funding For Global Expansion

Longtail UX, an Australian SaaS startup whose patented SEM and SEO technology boosts businesses’ website ranking and ad performance on Google, has secured 2.5 million dollars in funding to expand its technology into the US and UK markets. The fresh round of funding, which sees Longtail UX valued at $25 million, is a result of […]

Top 5 Tips to Optimise Your Christmas SEO Strategy

It pays to think ahead, and Christmas is right around the corner! It may not feel like it, but you are running out of time to optimise your Christmas SEO strategy.  Although Search is not a channel to drive awareness, if your business benefits from the shopping frenzy over the holidays, the time to take […]

“Trust me: I’m an SEO Consultant” – Why is Google Still Not Measurable?

woman reaching hand above water during daytime

John Wanamaker, known as one of the pioneers of marketing, famously said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” And, although he said this sometime before his passing in 1922, this is still true in 2018 when trying to measure return on investment on your […]