August 10, 2018

[Webinar Preview] Fix Google Shopping: 2x Your Search Marketing Revenue

It’s no secret that Google Shopping and Google Product Listing Ads don’t provide the best customer experience for your customers.

But did you know that they could actually be holding back your e-commerce revenue potential?



Product Listing Ads are now more popular than Google Search Ads, meaning it’s critical for ecommerce businesses to use search marketing smartly if they want to derive greater returns from their digital spend.

In order to achieve this, marketers need to ensure that a high-converting customer journey starts with search.

Enhance CX And Double Your Search Revenue

On [12 Sep @ 8:30am AEDT / BST | 5:30pm PST / EST] join ex-Googler  and Longtail UX CEO, Andreas Dzumla, as he discusses how to solve the hardest search marketing problem – perfectly matching your ecommerce catalogue to longtail keyword search terms.

Specifically, he’ll explore the following during the webinar:

  • Why Google’s Product Listing Ads are holding back your ecommerce site’s revenue potential
  • Why longtail keywords are the future of product search (think voice) and how to unlock the longtail search opportunity for your brand
  • How to turn search marketing into a customer experience channel by connecting the thousands of longtail queries your customers are searching for to your product catalogue on autopilot.

Once Andreas has walked you through these topics, you’ll be armed with the right information to turn your SEO and PPC channels into new, incremental revenue streams.

Register for the webinar below –>



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