Convert SEO From a Cost Centre Into a Measurable Revenue Generator

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Are you tired of constantly defending your SEO budget to the C-suite?

What does your company’s C-suite want to hear in uncertain times like these? They want new insights. They want quick wins. They need to know how your team can quickly generate new customers without disrupting the tech team’s already bursting backlog.

One of the biggest challenges for SEO professionals is measuring your return on investment. If you can’t demonstrate your ROI, your budget and your role are at risk. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this recorded webinar, Andreas Dzumla, Founder at Longtail UX and former Googler, will share:

  • how you can communicate the value of SEO and demonstrate its ROI.
  • How to Calculate SEO ROI on new customer acquisition at the keyword level.
  • Implement those insights into thousands of new webpages without creating a single Jira ticket.
  • Attribute your company’s revenue growth to your SEO efforts.
  • New approaches for solving the age-old challenge of SEO ROI attribution.