Using Innovative Technology to Attract and Retain New Customers

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Enhancing large eCommerce websites to grow your customer base is always daunting. These projects are often slow, expensive, and limited by cumbersome site architectures. There hasn’t been enough innovation in the way of customer acquisition technology to solve this challenge. And once you have new customers, how do you predict and enhance their lifetime value?

There’s a completely new solution: Supplement your existing site architecture with an add-on platform that can launch tens of thousands of brand new landing pages quickly and at a perfectly predictable cost. And then use sophisticated AI/ML capabilities to retain and grow the customer base these new pages help generate.

In this webinar, LUX & AWS will present how you can outsource landing page creation to accelerate customer acquisition. We’ll also share why data analysis is critical to retaining new consumers.

Don’t miss it! You’ll hear from:
Andreas Dzumla (ex-Google product Specialist and current Co-CEO and Founder of Longtail UX and James Prendergast, Solution Architect at AWS

They’ll discuss:

  • How to expand your market share by further penetrating your product categories or entering new ones
  • How to launch new landing pages at scale and significantly enhance the relevance of your overall site
  • How to better anticipate customer needs, increase stickiness and reduce churn
  • How customer acquisition technology can help you deliver personalised, timely and relevant messaging – including individualised product recommendations – to your customers over multiple channels.