[NORA Network] How to Connect Your Products to Your Customers in One Click

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Longtail UX Webinar in partnership with NORA Network (3/April/2019) 

Hear from Andreas Dzumla, CEO and Co-founder at Longtail UX, Michael Rosenbaum, CEO and Founder of Spacer.com and Paul Greenberg, Founder at NORA Network about: 

  • how to overcome the three big unsolved problems in search; landing page relevance, SEO ROI, and the disconnect between search engine advancements and website. 
  • what is longtail search and why 50-70% of all searches are 4+ word combinations.
  • how to effectively measure the performance of your SEO campaigns to help make educated decisions. 
  • how to save time and increase ROAS with 360-degree inventory-driven campaign automation.