The Long Tail Search Opportunity for Marketplaces & Classifieds

Webinar presented on 15/Jan/2019 Classifieds sites and Marketplaces face very specific challenges in SEO and SEM, with large volumes of changing inventory – and users searching for their products and services on Google, Bing etc. with literally millions of different search query variations. At the same time, these characteristics provide some very specific opportunities, which the likes of Amazon and eBay have successfully used to fuel their hyper-growth from Search since their early days. We’ll explain those opportunities and show how marketplaces like (Schibsted Group), Car Next Door, Graysonline and others, as well as many e-commerce businesses, are using Longtail UX to increase their traction and ROI from Search, just like Amazon and eBay did and do. Panellists include:

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