[Upcoming Webinars] The 1 Trillion long tail search opportunity

  • How Amazon, eBay, and Booking.com are beating you in search
  • The SEM Automation That Beats Google Shopping (and Works for Travel, Auto Finance and Real Estate, Too)

Join our webinar to learn:

How your business can do what Amazon, eBay and Booking.com do: serve the long tail of search more efficiently – and double revenue and ROAS as a result

How to guarantee perfect landing page relevance for every single keyword searched, and to fully automate ad text, keyword list, ad group and campaign creation for the entire long tail of search – achieving a 4x increase in CTR (click-through rates) and 60% higher conversion rates.

[NORA Network] How to connect your products to your customers in one click

Users come to websites with thousands of different questions. 50-70% of all Search Engine traffic consists of ‘long tail’ searches – 3 or more word combinations with high purchase intent. The relevant content to answer the users’ questions is often siloed and users have to click through different website sections to find what they’re looking for.
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The Long Tail Search Opportunity for Marketplaces & Classifieds

Classifieds sites and Marketplaces face very specific challenges in SEO and SEM, with large volumes of changing inventory – and users searching for their products and services on Google, Bing etc. with literally millions of different search query variations. At the same time, these characteristics provide some very specific opportunities, which the likes of Amazon and eBay have successfully used to fuel their hyper-growth from Search since their early days.

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